Bitcoin Transaktion mit Laptop und Kreditkarte

Buying bitcoins: The complete guide

Have you heard of Bitcoin yet? Are you curious? Have you often thought that you would like have and use bitcoins? Did you get stuck trying to figure out how to get your hands on bitcoins. Did it seem too hard and complicated? Don't worry. We’ve prepared a guide to help you to buy bitcoins.

August 14, 2019
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The most common method to acquire Bitcoins is to buy them. Especially if you want to acquire a large amount of bitcoins fast, just head over to any of the many marketplaces or exchanges. There are platforms in just about every country where you can exchange your currency for bitcoins. Just take a look at our list of exchanges, marketplaces, and trading platforms for your currency.


Lists of Exchanges and Marketplaces for important currencies

You can exchange nearly every important currency against Bitcoin. Here we present a list of exchanges for some currencies:

US Dollar (USD):
Coinbase, BitStamp, Kraken

Euro (Euro):, Kraken, Bitstamp

New Zealand Dollar (NZD):

Japanese Yen (JPY):
BitFlyer, CoinCheck

British Pound (GBP):
CoinFloor, Bittylicious

Polish Złoty (PLN):,

South Korean Wen (KRW):
Korbit, Bithumb, UPbit

Indonesian Rupiah (IDR):

Brasilian Real (BRL):
Mercado Bitcoin, Negocie Coins

Australian Dollar (AUD):, Independent Reserve,

Canadian Dollar (CAD):


Of course, there are many other stock exchanges, marketplaces and exchange offices. You can find some overviews here:




If your local currency is not represented on exchanges, you can often use peer-2-peer platforms like LocalBitcoins, PaxFul or HodlHodl.

How to buy Bitcoin on Exchanges and Marketplaces

In general, you have to register on a platform in order to be able to buy bitcoins. This normally requires some kind of identity verification. For smaller amounts, showing your bank account is usually enough; for larger amounts, you often have to verify your identity through a video service or by uploading identification documents. These processes have now been standardized, so they generally only take a few minutes.

When done so, you can buy Bitcoins to a fixed price. On exchanges this is usually called "market order". To be able to buy Bitcoins, you first need to transfer money to the bank account of the exchange. On marketplaces you can accept the offer of other users, usually by clicking on it. In most cases you pay them directly via bank transfer or other transfers.

If you are not in a hurry, you can put your own offer on exchanges and marketplaces. To do so you determine a price and an amount of Bitcoins to buy. Then you wait until someone accepts your offer. On exchanges this is usually called "limit order".

Bitcoin-ATMs and Gift Cards

In addition to internet platforms, you can also purchase bitcoins through bitcoin ATMs. These normally operate by depositing cash, and don't involve identity checks or waiting times. There are maps that show the distribution of bitcoins ATMs; in Switzerland, you can even buy bitcoins at ATMs in local train stations.


In some countries – like Austria and France – you can also purchase bitcoins at kiosks that sell bitcoin vouchers. In Liechtenstein you additionally have the option of purchasing bitcoins directly from local post offices.



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